Measures to ensure the safety of our guests

While maintaining the social responsibility of a hotel chain providing a safe and relaxing stay, JR-EAST HOTELS also places top priority on the health and safety of all our guests and employees, and is implementing a range of measures to prevent infection.

Measures to ensure the safety of our guests

Measures implemented
with in the hotel

Providing hand sanitizers
Alcohol-based disinfectant has been placed in various areas around the hotel, including the hotel entrance and front counter.
Placing protective shields
Transparent acrylic panels have been installed at the front counter to prevent droplet dispersal.
Regular cleaning and sanitization at the public space
The lobby area, restrooms and elevator buttons are regularly sterilized.
Regular cleaning and sanitization at the room
Regular cleaning with disinfectant is being carried out in all areas of guest rooms, including door knobs, remote controls, room switches and desk space, etc.
Seating with a safe distance
The layout of furniture, including sofas in the lobby area and restaurant seating has been changed to leave as much distance between seats as possible.
Using cash trays
Cash trays are being used when making payments using cash or credit cards.
Regular air refreshing
The hotel is being ventilated regularly.

Measures taken by hotel staff

Wearing a mask
Staff are required to wear face masks at all times while at work.
*Masks are sealed in plastic bags and discarded after every use.
Regular measures
Staff are required to regularly disinfect fingers with alcohol, wash their hands and gargle.
Temperature and wellbeing checks
Upon arriving at work, staff are required to have their temperature measured and fill in a health management record. Only staff that display no irregular symptoms are permitted to work.
Use of face shields
When there is the risk of infection, including cases where staff are required to provide services to customers displaying symptoms, staff will be required to wear face shields and plastic gloves to prevent the spread of infection within the hotel.

Our request to you

For the safety of all our guests,
hotel management kindly requests that guests cooperate in preventing infection within the hotel.

Please wear a mask
Please wear a face mask inside the hotel.
*Please seal masks in a plastic bag and discard after every use.
Please use hand sanitizers
Please use the alcohol-based sterilizer provided when entering the hotel or completing check-in/check-out procedures.
Please keep your sefe distance
Please maintain safe social distancing while completing check-in/check-out procedures at the front desk, in the elevators and smoking areas.
Please check the temparature and inform our staff if you are not feeling well
Please cooperate with staff measuring temperature when you enter the hotel and notify staff if you are feeling unwell.
Room make up for the guest staying consecutive nights
Room make up would be done during guests’ absence. In the case of the make up with keeping indoors, please contact to front desk.

*Photo is for illustrative purposes only. Please note that measures taken may vary depending on the hotel.
*As of August 1, 2022. Details are subject to change.