Bar Time 6:00pm~11:00pm

Cross Value HOTEL

Akihabara is a place where people
from all walks of life visit and cross over,
creating a variety of new products and services.
Based on our desire to provide people visiting Akihabara
with a comfortable stay,
Hotel Mets Akihabara has been designed under
the theme of a“Cross Value Hotel”.
The hotel boasts a lounge and bar counter
that becomes one with the scenery of the
electric town Akihabara is famous for,
providing hotel guests and general visitors alike
with fun and enjoyment.
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BGM that embodies the spirit of Akihabara and live music performances

Open lounge that brings the feel of the city to you.
The BGM that flows through the lounge gives expression to diversity and freshness, evoking the hotel theme of a “Cross Value Hotel”, creating a musical ambiance.
  • Music selection: Masaaki Hara (dublab.jp / rings)
The lounge regularly hosts DJs and jazz music events, allowing visitors to enjoy something a little special that you would expect from a first class hotel.
    [Music Lounge]*Admission free, not restricted to hotel guests
  • 3rd Friday of each month: Live DJ performances
  • 5th Friday of each month: Live jazz performances

*Please note that the date and time of music events is subject to change without notice. *Please see the front desk for more information.

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Enjoy sophisticated BGM and drinks in a refined atmosphere

  • Business hours / 6:00pm to 11:00pm(last.order10:30pm)
The lounge BAR offers several dozen varieties of beverages. Nomono Oyatsu TIMES, selling a range of sweets from all areas of east Japan is also available from the lounge BAR. We invite you to use the lounge BAR to sit down and enjoy a drink or just to pass the time away.
 See here for details (PDF)

The lounge BAR is also open to outside guests not staying at the hotel or using the restaurant facilities.

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